Making Information Technology work for you

From idea to delivery in no time

Idea "crunch"

Bringing your idea to a concrete plan of action with specific IT solution ready for proof of concept


We'll buy or make the technology to prove your idea on practice with minimal budget

Build & Deploy

We'll design all aspects of your Go Live architecture and help you deliver it to your customer

Transforming ideas to action

Leveraging our cross-industry and cross-technology expertise we can help your idea to come to a plan of action, targeting concrete software and hardware technology to suit your go to market aspirations.


  • Expand the idea to identify the problem
  • Scope possible technical solutions to a problem
  • Define the core marketable product
  • Formulate the tactical research plan

Proving a Concept

Whether you are a startup or mature company, the idea must be proven before substantial investment is due. We'll take it there for you by delivering minimal viable product which works and delivers your core functionality.


  • Identify software and hardware options
  • Narrow down the platform options
  • Develop software prototype
  • Find suitable hosting and deploy
  • Prove viability, support go to market testing

Build & Deploy

Leverage iTerra DevOps and IT Infrastructure architecture expertise to deliver marketable solution


  • Build resilient and scalable architecture for growth
  • Create Infrastructure Architecture as a Code
  • Unit and Integration testing
  • Setup Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Leverage our Public and On-Premise Cloud expertise
  • We'll also help you to tick your compliance check boxes

What our clients saying about us

Padraig H.

Working alongside since 2002, acclaimed depth and breadth of experience and great dependability!

John G.

Broad Architecture experience and a great source for a wide range and depth of technical expertise. Working together for many years.

Mick B.

Unparalleled source of IT advice, unbeatable range and willingness to deliver.

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